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Mad About Minis

Minimal Chaos spends a lot of content focused on larger rugs and runners, but we have a steady and long held obsession with mini handmade vintage rugs. Modest in size and price, but rich with color and pattern, we love to add a miniature  rug to any interior space. Endless styling possibilities and high-performance materials make these not only beautiful but incredibly useful. We’ll walk you through some history, a long list of uses and some visual inspiration for these tiny, but mighty, handmade gems.
Mad About Minis

From framed wall art to the bathroom floor, these vintage rugs are an interior design secret weapon. Historically referred as "Yastik’s" (Turkish for pillow), these minis were used as pillows or floor cushions and have since been repurposed into doormat sized rugs. You might even be lucky enough to catch both sides of a former pillow or cushion, resulting in a sister set of miniature rugs!  Minimal Chaos sources minis that are aged around 50 years (circa 1900-1980s) and usually of Turkish, often Anatolian origin (the Asian peninsula of Modern Turkey). Each mini is carefully curated and lovingly repaired and restored by hand, just like they were originally made. From earthy neutrals to shockingly bright colors, these small rugs comprise all natural fibers and dyes, and are hand knotted; meaning they can withstand high traffic and small messes with little care. Because most minis are around 2’ x 3’ they are great for small functional spaces. Variety of motif and color scheme means there is a mini out there to match every space!

Including a rug in some of your harder working spaces can be intimidating: “Can this rug get wet? How do I clean it?” The techniques and materials used to make them are durable, long lasting, and resistant to liquid. Mini rugs are actually easy to care for and perfect for adding a bit of comfort and function to these areas.Versatility is really the name of the game with these Mini rugs, lending a beautiful accent to so many different spaces, let’s talk about some of our favorite ways to use them in the home.

Entryway Decor Vintage Rug Styling Tips
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Set a beautiful first impression for your guests by making a mini the star of your home’s Entryway, or Vestibule as it is often called in Philadelphia. Your mudroom will be instantly brightened up by a mini and with a rug pad underneath it will weather every footstep just fine.

Kitchen and Batch Decor Vintage Rug Styling TipsOriginal image source here

Kitchen and Bath

Speaking of hardworking spaces, you may be surprised to know that kitchen and bath are our favorite rooms for mini rugs. Minis are especially perfect for city-dwellers, as these are often the only rugs able to fit in these spaces. If your rug takes on enough water to really soak it, just drape it over your bath or anywhere convenient until it dries so no mold forms! Spaghetti sauce or wine drops in the kitchen- spot treat with unscented dye free soap(we love Woolite) and let dry, easy as that.

Styling tips on narrow hallways. How to style a vintage runner in your home.
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Maybe, like us, you’re a city dweller with short, narrow hallways, or maybe you’re not ready to invest in a full length runner; either case is opportunity to try out an affordable mini rug in your hall or a landing. A long hallway with two sister or cousin rugs is another renter friendly hack we love.

Walk-In closet styling tips with a vintage Turkish rug.Original image source here

Budoir | Closet

While we just managed to fit one into our small South Philly closet, they obviously work magic in larger boudoir and lounge spaces as well. Keep your personal space cozy, intimate and interesting.

Layered_Vintage_Rug_Styling_TipsOriginal image source here


Another budget friendly design hack we love is layering. Neutral or jute rugs can be easily found secondhand and in many sizes: throw a mini rug on top as a “center medallion” and add dimension and detail to any large space(with minimal investment).

Vintage Rug Styling Tips Wall ArtOriginal image source here

Wall Art

Bonus design tip for these mini rugs: treat them as the works of art they are! Display the full piece on your wall, with or without a frame and enjoy the rich color and texture of the souk in a unique and unexpected way.



For more inspiration on how to style your mini vintage rug follow our social channels and shop minis here!

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